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after dark on the lake 20170809 _DSC6911afternoon lake w clouds 20190417 _DSC2796amish three in boat fishing 20170603 _DSC3702blustry day on the lake 20171101 _DSC0774Boat and Frozen LakeBoat at Sunsetboat at Sunset 20170929 _DSC7763boaters at sunset 20190601 _DSC4251Broken Dock at Sunset in Winterbroken dock at sunset ship lk 20180615 _DSC4790Broken Dock in the Snowcat tails at sunset 20180618 _DSC5144Cattail at Sunset with LakeCattail at the Lake at SunsetCattails at Lake near Sunsetchair at dusk 20170419 _DSC3538chair at edge of lake 20170527 _DSC5335chair at lake fall day 20171102 _DSC0789chair at lake morning 20170831 _DSC9373 copy copychair at lake shipshe 20170501 _DSC4381