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dock in the water winter 202212 _DSC6399 copysunrise over lake 202208 _DSC8878 copyclouds over lake 202207 _DSC2621 copysunset lake wounded tree 202207 _DSC2363 copysun and sunbeams at lake 20220724_DSC8832 copyclouds at the lake at sunset 202207 _DSC8836 copylake autumn 20191030 _DSC6775 copysunrise lake lily pads 202207 _DSC1191 copylake in summer 202207 _DSC1230 copysunset at broken dock 2018 _DSC4654 copysurnise at the lake _DSC7023 copysuntise lake vertical _DSC7970 copysunset lake _DSC7959 stksunset lake quiet water 201905 _DSC4902 copysunset lake 201905 _DSC4892 copysunset broken dock 201805 _DSC4826 copysunset at the lake _DSC6001 copysunrise at lake _DSC7966 copydock in the lake 20211221 _DSC6828 copysunset frozen lake _DSC8871 copy