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Images from Shipshewana Lake. Some other images are likely also in the Gallery / Folder Sky (Sun, Moon, Clouds)
sunset lake 201705 _DSC4911sunset broken pier 201705 _DSC4643sunset at lake 20190531 _DSC4232boaters at sunset 20190601 _DSC4251sunset over lake 20150609 _DSC8286sunset at spillway 20190519 _DSC3922sunset at lake 20160513 _DSC3432sunset over lake 20190518 _DSC3831sunset over lake 20190518 _DSC3864sun on horizon at lake 20190419 _DSC2846sunset lake 20190419 _DSC2882sunset over lake 20190420 _DSC2916sunset over spillway 20190420 _DSC2931sunset lake brk dock 20190420 _DSC2915Sunset lake 20190420 _DSC2910sunset over lake ship 20190417 _DSC2838 copy copyafternoon lake w clouds 20190417 _DSC2796Contrails over Still Waterlake dead calm 20170310 _DSC2587Cattail at Sunset with Lake