Arment Photography | Rosemary Schmucker, Paintings

©Rosemary Schmucker

Rosemary is a wonderful Amish lady who paints. The Amish do not work on computers that are connected to networks so Rosemary cannot spend time building a web prescence. I am posting photos of her paintings to be of help to her. It is my privilege to photographer her work and print reproductions for her.

Some of the originals of these may still be available. If you are interested in reproductions or originals please email me and I'll put you in contact with Rose.

Best Regards,
2 pink flowers 20170808 _DSC88593 chairs on porch 20_16 20150219 _DSC5583antique sign w flowers 20170808 _DSC8850apple pie making _DSC7566apple pie work in progress 20151003_121050apples sliced 20150901 7_14 _DSC6925ball jar, copper kettle and onion _DSC6828 lighten 8_12barn quilt 20141203 _DSC2829beach and bottles 201408 _DSC9984 36_18Bicycle 1, textured wall, fron wheel of bike 20170808_DSC8867bicycle 2 brick wall, full bike 20170808 _DSC8880bicycle 3 plastered wall w cracks, full bike w bread 20170808 _DSC8877bottles on shelf with starfish 2014_DSC6826 copybutter and jelly 8_10 _DSC6814candle and books 20140813 _DSC9992candle and books w serenity prayer _DSC0256candles and books w FULL Ser Prayer 201`70531 _DSC3483Daisygeraniums 31_21 20150219 _DSC5588 13_19Harvest