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These are outdoor and garden plaques that are designed to go outdoors.
AB and pond 20170219 _DSC2361 9x20 copyAlaska Rockies 201305 DSC_2598 welcome 20x9 copyball jar window wlecome 20171129 8x24 copyballon hot air sandia mount 2016 _DSC6657 phil2_3b avenir next 16x20 copy 2birdhouse in summer 20160802 _DSC3524  Hebrews 11_1 23x14 copybirdhouse in summer 20160802 _DSC3524 24x8 copycaveman cartoon welcom 8x24 copyfence and vine at sunrise 20210822 _DSC3840 24x17 copyflag graphic 20230223 8x24  copyflag graphic 20230223 8x24flag graphic 20230223 copyflowers and Psalm 118-24_DSC2463 8x24 copyflowers and Psalm 118-24_DSC2463 revised type copygarden plaque  rabbit stew _DSC5590 10x20 copygarden plaque  _DSC5590 final 24x16garden plaque watch flowers grow 8x24 copygarden plaquer 24x16 finalgate and yellow flowers welcome home  20110806_DSC4583 18x12 finalhappy campers 20230205  copyhome is where we park 20x20