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Who doesn't like flowers!

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bee on flower 202108 _DSC3778 copyflower wagon blue gate 20210613 _DSC3267 copyflower poppy 202105 _DSC2894 copypeony 202105 _DSC2874 copydaisies 202105 _DSC2871 copyjonquil 202104 _DSC1012daffodils 202104 _DSC1068spring tulips 2017 _DSC4787sunflower clouds _DSC5399dahlia 202010 _DSC1221yellow dahlia 202009 _DSC1214dahlia 202009 _DSC1225dahlia 202009 _DSC1210dahlia 20200815 _DSC6505flowering weed at sunset 20200726 _DSC6250tulip and hostas _DSC4352lotus flower and lily pads with clouds _DSC4085 copydahlia bud 20200710 _DSC6026daisies  _DSC0100lotus flower lily pads 202006 _DSC5845