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1 Corinthians1 Peter 5:7 and Amish Boaters1 thes 4_11 grain bins and windmill DSC6646 revisedAB Tree Tunnel Horiz 20170219 _DSC2336 rom 15-13above all else prov 4-23 _DSC6519 redo copyabstract  _DSC5520 1 Cor 13_12 copyabstract cross 2023  copyabstract cross 202207 _DSC1907 copy 2Alaska Rockies 201305 DSC_2598 psalm 36_5 copyAlaskan Sky and Psalm 57:10all things hold togther Col 1-16_17 copyamish boys and pony cart 20200626 _DSC5939 Mat 18-3Amish buggy 20200312 _DSC9467 Henry David Thoreauamish buggy 20210801 _DSC4078 john 13v34Amish Buggy and Dandelions 201505_DSC7599 w verse 25mbAmish Buggy and the 23rd PsalmAmish Buggy early morning 202207 _DSC1207 gal 5-14 copyamish buggy early spring 20220416 _DSC9903 Psalm 2 copyAmish buggy in snow w 1 Tim 6 6 20140111 _DSC1313amish buggy on rural indiana hill 202106 _DSC3120 psalm 25_4-5 copy