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windmill in clouds 202111 _DSC4459 copyrural windmill 20210930 _DSC4361 copywindmill clouds 20210606 _DSC3009windmill and clouds 202105 _DSC3136clothesline and windmill 202105 _DSC1832windmill and tree 201511 _DSC9314Windmill _DSC9850 revisedwindmill 20180305 _DSC9152Broken Windmillwindmill in cloudy sky 20180427 _DSC9439new mexico sunset 20180112 _DSC8729Broken WindmillWindmill and FlowersIndiana WindmillWindmill at Krieder GardenWindmill and White CloudsRound Barn with Windmill ShadowPaul's Windmill with Corn, AbstactWindmill as TargetWindmill on Its Side in the Snow