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alan and barbara at Younts Mill 202205 _DSC0539 copycemetery angel 20220527 _DSC0639 copyclouds at sunset over pacific ocean _DSC5703 1 Thes 5 copyclouds in wetlands 20220526 _DSC0610 copyclouds in wetlands 20220526 _DSC0610 numbers 6_24to26 copydarlington covered bridge 20220521 _DSC0438 copydoor bricked in20220522 _DSC0446door in Younts mill 202205 _DSC0483 copydoor mail box 20220522 _DSC0444 copyfaces _DSC8193 copyflower clematis 202205 _DSC0766 copyflower peony 20220522 _DSC0504 copyflower peony white old 20220522 _DSC0522 copy 2flower peonys coral 20220522 _DSC0511 copyflower peonys coral macro 20220522 _DSC0511  copyflowers 20220522 _DSC0557 copyflowers 20220522 _DSC0557 vertic copyflowers daisies 202205 _DSC0768 copyfoal running 202205 _DSC5718 copyhouse barb and allen 20220522 _DSC0469 copy