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Pictures here of Angels or Statures.

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statue in the courtyard 20220105 _DSC7053 copyscare crow 202109 _DSC4215 copycemetery angel 202104 _DSC1424soldeir cemetery 202102 _DSC0583cemetery angel 202102 _DSC2322cemetery angel thinking 202102 _DSC0615soldier 202102 _DSC0563angel w book 202102 _DSC0601vince lombardi at packers stadium 20130507 DSC_0862mechanical face and round corn bales 20171216 _DSC1792 copystatue in park 20200407 _DSC4855statue in the par 20200407 _DSC4857angel 20200104 DSC_1877wood carving 20200119 _DSC8680Mermaid in RainforestStanding Buddha in Bamboo GardenMermaid Hideawayzoltar 20180725 _DSC0676good listener 20180720 _DSC6053cemetry angel 20180623 _DSC5226