Images posted November 8, 2022.

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abstract 20221104 copyall things hold togther Col 1-16_17 copyamish buggy and sun on gravel road copyAmish Buggy in woods on gravel road 20221106 _DSC3631 copyAmish buggy rural road 202211 _DSC3607 copyamish buggy turning corner 20221106 _DSC3616 copyamish farmers picking corn 20221101 383A1031 copyautumn leaves in creek 20221101 383A1056 copy 2clouds over the lake 20221101 383A1014 copycow in pasture at sunrise 20221104 383A1061 copycows in line 20221106 383A1118-2 copycreek and tree 20221104 383A1090 copy 2fire wood for sale 383A1063 copyhorses at the barn door 20221101 383A1033 copyhorses looking at camera still frame 20221106 copyplanet in space copypsalm 118_1 383A1056 copyPV Trail Autumn 202211 383A1067 copysunrise over farm field 20221106 383A111 Matt 4-28  copysunrise over farm field 20221106 383A1116 copy