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driftwood trees 202102_DSC0188driftwood root textures 202102 _DSC0221driftwood and fog 202102 _DSC0208driftwood beach 20210209 _DSC0035driftwood beach 202102 _DSC0183 copywalnut tree 2014_DSC0962trees and canal 202011 _DSC1517tree at sunset 20201127 _DSC1480lone tree at roadside 20201107 _DSC8249old tree dead tree 20201029 _DSC1367 stk45mbtree half dead half alive 20201021 _DSC1280forest floor landscape 20201014 _DSC8129forest floor 20201014 _DSC8130tree down in the forest 20201014 _DSC8132tree from series 202007 _DSC6000sun in tree 20200926_DSC1201 copysun on horizon 20200926 _DSC1207 no versehoarfrost 20140203 _DSC1741hoarfrost 20140203 _DSC1743dogwood in bloom _DSC9974