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hedgeapple 20221109 383A1171 copyhedge apple tree 20221114 383A1213 copytree house 20221025 _83A0817 copytree at lake in autumn 202210 383A0812 copyTree at lake autumn 20221024 _DSC6386 copybroken tree vertical in lot 202209 _83A0249 copytree in water 202207 _DSC1848 copytree at the park at the lake 202207 _DSC1942 copytree on rural road 202207 _DSC8869 copylone tree at roadside 202207 _DSC8870 copytrees in the dunes on lake mi 202207 _DSC1570 copyold log cabin and old tree 202104 _DSC2551roots in rainforest _DSC5678 copylone tree and fence 20220508 _DSC0208 copytrees in water _DSC9016 copydead tree on edge of grand canyon 2015 _DSC4851 copytree lone snow storm 202203 _DSC8679 copydriftwood beach 202102 _DSC0183 copytree half dead half alive _DSC1360 copyTHE tree being cut 20211221 _DSC6896 copy