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roots in rainforest _DSC5678 copylone tree and fence 20220508 _DSC0208 copytrees in water _DSC9016 copydead tree on edge of grand canyon 2015 _DSC4851 copytree lone snow storm 202203 _DSC8679 copylone tree in winter 20220311_DSC8679 copytree half dead half alive _DSC1360 copyTHE tree being cut 20211221 _DSC6896 copyThe tree being cut 20211221 _DSC6898 copyroots and tree on lake 20210713 _DSC3331 copyleaning tree quiet pond 20210713 _DSC3338 copycedar on lake bank 20210713 _DSC3329 copysunset over water w tree 202107 _DSC3637 copylone tree on dirt road 20210606 _DSC7992 copywinter landscape _DSC1739lone tree rural road 20210606 _DSC7989tree series 202105 _DSC3064driftwood trees 202102_DSC0188driftwood root textures 202102 _DSC0221driftwood and fog 202102 _DSC0208