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horsedrawn soy bean harvester 202210 383A0745 copyhorsedrawn manure spreader 202210 _83A0851 copycorn picker two row 202209 _83A0246 copysteam engine 202209 _83A0116 copycogs and wheels 20220909 _83A0100 copycogs and wheels 20220909 _83A0100 B_W stkcorn picker for sale _DSC5645 copyhand truck at rr station 20201014 _DSC7730 copymechanical face redo _DSC8448plow in corn field 20181212 _DSC8744Corn Picker in Northern Indiana Fieldplow in field 20170908 _DSC9799 25mbweavers loom 20170908 _DSC9759 25mbcooke rotary snow plow white pass and yukon railroad 20170711 _DSC7985Fire DoorsGears on Steam EngineGearsTractor CloseupThe Old Grain MachineEngine Room