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Almanor Lake 2AMcresent moon 20210103 _DSC4522 copyDead Calm Lakedesert sky w moon 20180118 _DSC2648Galaxiesgeese on lake at night 20180702 _DSC5818lightning in clouds 2018 _DSC6958 copymars, moon and ocean 20170131 _DSC1028moon and clouds at sunset _DSC9453 copymoon over LA 20180130moon over la 20180130 _DSC3335 copyMoon Risemoon sliver at sunset _DSC4519 copyMoon through the Pines at Sunsetnight at the lake 20170802 _DSC8592night sky and lake _DSC7734night sky and streak of light 20170607 _DSC5808night sky and streak of light 20170607 _DSC5808nightfall at lake 20170814 _DSC7194oil well burn off fires and stars at night ND 20170607 _DSC5777