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Images of plants,
...except cactus which are under "landscae desert"
...and flowers which are under "flowers".
green grapes in vineyard 202207 _DSC1903 copylavendar vertical 202207 _DSC1855 copylavendar farm horizontal 202207 _DSC1855 copycorn summer 202207 _DSC2306 copygreen leaves lg 202207 _DSC8798  copyseed pod grass sun 202201 _DSC8558 copyseed pod mountains _DSC5334 copypumpkin in the patch 20211020 _DSC6650 copypumpkins_DSC6683 copymushrooms 20211015 _DSC8490 copyfungi forest floor 202104 _DSC1262fern frond 202104 _DSC1385fern frond 202104 _DSC1410cattail in winter 2021 _DSC2347milkweed seed pod 202011 _DSC8277reeds at sunset _DSC8076mushroom 202009 _DSC1229weeds 20200907 _DSC5969fern frond _DSC2975 (2)dandelion seed pod 20200530 _DSC5463