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Images of plants,
...except cactus which are under "landscae desert"
...and flowers which are under "flowers".
Boots as Planterscat tails at sunset 20180618 _DSC5144Cattailcattail at sundown 20170410 _DSC3190Cattail at Sunset with Lakecattail at sunset _DSC3263cattail in winter 2021 _DSC2347chives _DSC9950Corn Leafcorn summer 202207 _DSC2306 copyCornlightDandeliondandelion seed pod 20200530 _DSC5463dandilion 20170511 _DSC4750dandilion 20170511 _DSC4750Dead on the Vinedesert succulent 20200109 _DSC8215DillEarly FrostEmpty in the Sun