Images uploaded Feb 18, 2022.

These are a mixture of images process and uploaded as we travel.

Today we are in Hillsboro, TX at an "all Airstream" park. In the section we are in, which is for temporary "passers through", there are as many Winnebagos as Airstreams.
amish farmer plows early spring 202104 _DSC1038 copyamish farmer taking calves to auction _DSC0766 copyamish school pony carts _DSC7857 copycanoes beached winter _DSC2466 copycanoes frozen _DSC2455 copycorn crib in plowed field 202104 _DSC0970 copydesert landscaape sunset 202201 _DSC5154 copydock broken winter 2021 _DSC2339 copydressing room 202201 _DSC8205 copygrass on high plains 202201 _DSC4995 copylake sunset cattail 2021 _DSC0962 copysunset lake 202103 _DSC0942 copytelephone antique 202201 _DSC8204 copytrail in the desert 202201 _DSC5183 copy