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Bolleyville Mill is a county park in Elkhart County near Bristol, Indiana. The pictures in this gallery were taken there.

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barn windmill bonneville mill park 202212 383A1302 copybonneyville mill early winter 2022 383A1303 copydahlia at Bonnyville Mills 202208 _DSC2928 copyamish buggy bonneyville mill 20200710 _DSC6050amish buggy bonneyville mill 20200710 _DSC6049 copybonnyville mill reflected in water c stk&rWindmill and QuiltFord the StreamQuilt Barn and WindmillBonneyville MillWaterfall at Bonneyville MillWaterfall and Bonneyville MillBridge and Red Building Relected in Water at DuskDahlia Bee and WindmillBonnyville Mill and Windmill ShadowThe Geese Flying SouthBonneyville Mill Windmill and Quilt BarnPerkins WindmillWaterfall at Bonneyville MillBonneyville Mill Reflected in Water