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sunrise over lake 20190703 _DSC4774 copynightfall sky over lake summer 20190703 _DSC4773 copysunset frozen lake _DSC8871 copysunset broken dock winter 20200220 DSC_4044sunset over snow on lake 20190306 _DSC2625sunset frozen lake 20190306 _DSC2621sunset over frozen lake 20190306 _DSC2622Cloudfrontsunset on frozen lake 20190226 _DSC2592sunset on frozen lake 20190226 _DSC2588sunset frozen lake 20190226 _DSC2596Sunset on Frozen Lake, VerticalRip in the SkySunset over Frozen Lake with FishermenWinter Sunset at LakeSunset at LakeDusk at Frozen LakeNightfall over Frozen LakeGod Paints Horizontalsunset winter w fishermen 20180214 _DSC3470