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canoes frozen _DSC2455 copycanoes beached winter _DSC2466 copyboat 20130626 DSC_4867 copyboat at sunset vertical 202107 _DSC3653boat and lighthouse 202107 _DSC3453boat on lake 202009 _DSC1121boat at night w full moon 202008 _DSC6918rusty boat 202009 _DSC6781row boat alaskan bay 2013 DSC_4523sunset boat lake 20200526 _DSC6432boat in pond 20200527 _DSC5340boat on dock at sunset _DSC4572boat in the desert 20200109 _DSC8252boat on endless water 20200122 _DSC8828SHIP _DSC4867 20100715 bboat homer AK redone _DSC5389flowers in blue boat 20180727 _DSC0741sunset lk mitchel, MI 20180720_DSC6145buggy at sundown 20171021 _DSC0741boat at Sunset 20170929 _DSC7763