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This is the Abstract Gallery. Hopefully the name describes the contents. Some of these can be used as textures or backgrounds.
sun and clouds 202109 _DSC4222 copyabstract 20160111 _DSC9798abstract eggs 20210826 _DSC3895 copysunset abstract _DSC3550 copysun in fog at sunset 2021 _DSC1882 abstractheart abstact wall hanging _DSC3367abstract yellow 202102 _DSC1618 stk copysand at sunset _DSC9762stones on beach 201909 _DSC4625rock on the ocean beach 201909 reg_st _DSC4620rock in beach 201909 _DSC4617 rg_strock designs w sand 20190916 _DSC4733beach erosion at low tide 20190916 _DSC4758the orb and pedistalThrough the Chute copy copyfire angel 2 _DSC5841abstract 20170922 _DSC7727winged being and US flag 201502 hoover dam _DSC5491silt on ice 20170705 _DSC7594clouds abstract 20170513 _DSC4806