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This is the Abstract Gallery. Hopefully the name describes the contents. Some of these can be used as textures or backgrounds.
abstract design 6abstract parrallel rails 20220105 _DSC7058 copyabstract parrallel rails 20220105 _DSC7058 24x16 horzabstract design copy 5abstract design 7 stkabstract design 4abstract design 3abstract design 2abstact 1 20220106 _DSC7288 copyabstract design 1abstract colors on black 20220106 _DSC7407 copyabstact 20220106 _DSC7288 3abstact 2 20220106 _DSC7288 copybubbles and sun clocks rev 202112 copysparks copy space stkabstract lights 20211223 _DSC6845 copyabstract vegs _DSC6683sun and clouds 202109 _DSC4222 copyabstract 20160111 _DSC9798abstract eggs 20210826 _DSC3895 copy