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This is the Abstract Gallery. Hopefully the name describes the contents.

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painted skull 20230228 383A4070 copyabstract yellow fiber  20230111 383A2137 copy 2gears colorful 202212383A1466 copyhorse and motion blur 202212 _DSC3700 copyabstract neon colors _DSC5013 redo copyheart and coals 201201_DSC7660 revised copyfalling planets 20221122 383A1279 copy 2planet in space copyabstract 20221104 copyabstract dandy lion _DSC2521 copydead moon  _DSC9249 copy 2abstract closeup 201902 _DSC2358 copy 2abstract closeup 201902 _DSC2358 copy 2abstract circles 202208 _DSC2623 copyabstract _DSC2525 copyabstract stack 202207 _DSC6058abstract stack 202207 _DSC6058 copyabstract clouds 202207 _DSC1261 finalabstract textile 202207 _DSC1712 54mbabstract supports 202207 _DSC1400 copy