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pam at stockdale mill 20211019 _DSC6621 copypaddler at sunset 2021 _DSC9495paddel to the sun 202101 _DSC9494children lake 202005 _DSC0032 regtwo silhouette cinder mountain 201909 _DSC5149lone figure silhouette on hill of cinders 20190924 _DSC5132Bagpipes being played.Friends at SunsetFisherman at SunsetFisherman at Sunsetfishing w grandpa 20180812 _DSC6549david and pam VLA NM 20180118 _DSC2343amish boys and balloons 201708908 _DSC9678girls in the sun 20170205 _DSC0776mermaid on rock 20170205 _DSC1788windsurfer and sundog 20170205 _DSC2013Windsurfer and SundogMermaid at SunsetBeachcomberGirl and Her Team of Pigs