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Welcome! This is the "Amish Gallery". Please also see the gallery "Amish Buggies". Horses may also be of interest to you under "Animals Horses", if you like teams of Amish draft horses working.

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Amish baseball 202209 _DSC6382-Edit copy 2tomatoes and clothes on line 202209 _DSC3232 copyamish man and daughters raking hay 202208 _DSC3218 copyamish boy raiking hay 202208 _DSC3235 copyamish walking to church 202208 _DSC3088 copyamish woman walking sun morn 20220828 _DSC6313 copyclothes and quilt on the line 202208 _DSC3044 copyclothes on the line 20220823 _DSC6254 copyamish kids on ponies 20220817 _DSC3022 copyamish man kids lumber wagon 202208 _DSC6169 copyamish man kids lumber wagon 202208 _DSC6153 copyamish man and kids pulling pony 202208 _DSC6125 copyamish girls on pony cart 202208 _DSC2641 copyamish girls on bikes 202208 _DSC6147 copyamish farmer turning hay by hand 202208 _DSC2638 copynorthside school 202208 _DSC2610 copyAmish walking to church 20220703 _DSC1226 copyAmish couple walking _DSC5906 15x10 paint effectsAmish couple walking _DSC5906 15x10Amish walking on road _DSC9876 copy