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Welcome! This is the "Amish Gallery". Please also see the gallery "Amish Buggies". Horses may also be of interest to you under "Animals Horses", if you like teams of Amish draft horses working.

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Amish walking on road _DSC9876 copywork horses resting 20220511 _DSC0221 copypony cart 202205 _DSC0213 copytwo teams plowing 202204 _DSC9959 copyamish farmer baling hay 2015 _DSC8806 copydresses clothesline 2015 _DSC7432 copyAmish horse tied to rail 2015 _DSC7398 copy 2amish farmer plowing 20220416 _DSC9910 copylady raking hay 201806 _DSC0589 copyamish hats corn horses 201806 _DSC0490 copyAmish farmer demo planter 201806 _DSC5601 copyclothes on the line in winter 202203 _DSC8717 copyamish couple under the moom _DSC7176 redo 20220316 copyamish kids going to school on bikes 20220311 _DSC8680 copyamish bikes, pumpkinvine 20161103 _DSC0128 36x24 copydraft horses and mower 20210822 _DSC4461 copyamish farmer taking calves to auction _DSC0766 copyamish farmer plows early spring 202104 _DSC1038 copycorn picker and horse team _DSC1306 copyamish horses pumkvine autumn _DSC1314 copy