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Welcome! This is the "Amish Gallery". Please also see the gallery "Amish Buggies". Horses may also be of interest to you under "Animals Horses", if you like teams of Amish draft horses working.

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Amish Farmer Plowing Corn Field 20210403 _DSC1035amish farmer disking 20210404 _DSC1050spring plowing 201705 _DSC3225amish boy in field w spreader 201606 _DSC9922amish girl pony car, hay field _DSC9721amish farmer and wagon top of hill 2020 _DSC8294amish man plowing 202011 _DSC8302pony cart _DSC2727Amish logging _DSC2730amish logging _DSC2732amish couple plowing in spring 2016 _DSC5229corn harvest 20201107 _DSC1449women amish walking 20201024 _DSC1263amish women on bike 20201024 _DSC1346amish man on bicy trail 20201024 _DSC1279amish women on pvine 20201021 _DSC1258amish horses and corn picker 20201021 _DSC1310amish farmer w team on road 20200920 _DSC1156walking to church 20200809 _DSC0956pony cart 20200809 _DSC0934