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Welcome! This is the "Amish Gallery". Please also see the gallery "Amish Buggies". Horses may also be of interest to you under "Animals Horses", if you like teams of Amish draft horses working.

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amish men walk to church 202108 _DSC3538amish lady raking hay 20210706 _DSC3166 copyamish family walking 20210627 _DSC3136amish man and boy on pony cart 20210703 _DSC3170 copyamish boy on pony cart 20210704 _DSC3162 copyAmish on bicycles sunday 20210620 _DSC3096 copyamish ladies 20210620 _DSC3099 copyamish walking to church 20210512 _DSC3077 copyamish plowing w boy 20180525 _DSC9911 copy 2amish buggy winter _DSC3855 copy20100123amish laundry, winter_DSC8763 cropped brightened copyteam of horses on gravel road 20190731 _DSC4919 copy 2red barn and laundry 20161209 _DSC0717 copy 2laundry amish house 20190731 _DSC4211 copy 2laundry in winter 20161226 _DSC0826  copy 2amish on flat bed wagon _DSC7672 copy 2amish farmer plowing 20150423 _DSC6760 copy 2amish farmer plowing _DSC9664 copy 2amish man walks horse home 20170802 _DSC6676 copy 2Amish brothers on pony cart 20181010_DSC7610 copy