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Welcome! This is the "Amish Gallery". Please also see the gallery "Amish Buggies". Horses may also be of interest to you under "Animals Horses", if you like teams of Amish draft horses working.

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Amish Girl pony cart 202212 _DSC3688 copyAmish farmer spring 2022 _DSC8752 copyamish walking on road 202211 _DSC3622 copyamish farmer in soybean field copyamish farmer and turkey wagon 20221110 383A1179 copyamish farmers picking corn 20221101 383A1031 copypath to school 202210 _DSC3533 copypants on the clothesline 202210 _83A0856 copyamish on gravel road 20221030 _DSC3590 copyamish man pulling wood 202210 383A0759 copyamish man on pumpkinvine trail 202210 383A0635 copyamish farmer and team on dirt road 202210 383A0748 copycorn pickers 20221025 _83A0835 copyamish girl on bicycle sunday _DSC3489 copyamish farmer mowing 202210 _DSC3483 copyAmish baseball 202209 _DSC6382-Edit copy 2tomatoes and clothes on line 202209 _DSC3232 copyamish man and daughters raking hay 202208 _DSC3218 copyamish boy raiking hay 202208 _DSC3235 copyamish walking to church 202208 _DSC3088 copy