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sun on the horizon cn smoke 20230523 _DSC6930 copygirls in the sun 20170205 _DSC0776sun on horizon gulf of mex _DSC8495 copysun and clouds 202109 _DSC4222 copyWorkers in the Sunsun at sunset at lake 202106 _DSC3050sun on horizon in trees 202105 _DSC2624 copysun in clouds at sunset 202105 _DSC2733sun in trees at sunset 202104 _DSC1095sunset and fog 20210129 _DSC1884sun in tree 20200926_DSC1201 copysun on horizon 20200926 _DSC1207 no versesun in tree 20200926_DSC1201 copywagons in fog at sunrise 202009 _DSC7598sun on horizon w trees 20200223_DSC9316sun late afternoon _DSC0371sun in the clouds 20190713 _DSC4115sun at sunset 20190530 _DSC3854sun and clouds 20180610 _DSC0240solar eclipse 3 20170821 _DSC9100