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Doors and windows to buildings.

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log cabin 2020 _DSC8316blue door in log cabin 2020 _DSC8308window log cabin 202011 _DSC1422door in log cabin 202011 _DSC1432window covered bridge 20201014 __DSC7609window abandon church _DSC0893 stk_rgwindow log cabin DRP 20190731 _DSC4927interior log cabin 20190531 _DSC4170door in log cabin 20190531 _DSC4173 stklog cabin window 20190530 _DSC3619windows abandon factory _DSC0117 copy copyAbandon HouseDoor in Abandon BuildingDoors in Abandon Buildingblue doors new mexico 20180118 _DSC2305old bldg canton mo _DSC0106log cabin door and window 20170219 _DSC2552Church WindowStained Glass Window in Old ChurchStained Glass Window