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These are pictures of some of our favorite people who happen to be birds. We feed them and try to mimic their calls. We take their pictures and hang them on our walls. (I just made a rhyme.)

Warmest Regards,
swan on lake at sunset 20210606 _DSC2980 copyowl 20210410 _DSC1082 copyhummingbird _DSC4720 copyhummingbird 2015 _DSC4715 copyswan and babies 202105 _DSC3051 copyswan mom and babies 202105 _DSC2261 copyswan on lake 202106 _DSC2999 copyswan on lake at sunset 20210606 _DSC2980 copymale swan head 20210606 _DSC2975 copywood ducks 202105 _DSC2698wood ducks and swans 202105 _DSC2704kill deer bird on nest 202105 _DSC3123kill deer eggs 202105 _DSC3092 copyswan male sunset 202105 _DSC3054red breasted grosbeak_DSC1803 copyowl 20210513 _DSC2571 copyswan cygnet rider 202105 _DSC3034owl in tree 20210510 _DSC2244baby owls in tree 20210510 _DSC2246swan family at dusk 202105 _DSC3039