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These are pictures of some of our favorite people who happen to be birds. We feed them and try to mimic their calls. We take their pictures and hang them on our walls. (I just made a rhyme.)

Warmest Regards,
owl statue 202205 _DSC0636 copyowl statue 202205 _DSC0629 copyswans mom and babies 20220601 _DSC5748 copyswan at sunset 20220601 _DSC0984 copypelican struttin 2019 _DSC2138 copypelican 2019 _DSC2132 copyheron 20220601 _DSC5750 copytwo adult swans 202205 _DSC0309 copyswan and baby 202205 _DSC0318 copythree owls 20220513 _DSC0225 copythree baby owls 20220512 _DSC0238 copysandpipers great salt lake UT 2019 sized _DSC4520 copysandpipers great salt lake UT 2019 _DSC4520 copyred breasted merganser male and fem 20220415 _DSC9866 copyosprey with fish 2015 _DSC3377 copyswainson hawk and crow 20220219 _DSC5405 copybirds cranes flight AZ 202201 _DSC8555b copybird barrows golden eye 202202 AZ _DSC5297 copybird cactus wren 20220128 _DSC8623 copybird cactus wren 20220128 _DSC8616 copy