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swans at the lake at twilight 383A6281 copy 2rooster 20230529 _DSC6579 copymale swan 20230712 383A6295tom turkey 202305_DSC6476 copyCardinal in winter 2008 DSC_2119 copyrobin and her worm 20230618 383A5769 copymale wood duck 20230604 _DSC6655 copychickadee w bug 20230604 _DSC6624 copychickadee 20230604 _DSC6616 copyturkeys wild 20230523 _DSC6494 copyrooster crowing 20230529 _DSC6586 copybarred owls about to fledge 202305 _DSC6112 copybarred owl young _DSC6101 copybarred owl 202305 _DSC6138 copythree owls 202305 _DSC6097 copyturkeys mid gobble 202304 _DSC5980 copymale turkeys in a row 20230430 _DSC5989 copyturkey flock 202304 383A4761 copyturkey butts 202304 383A4779 copybird on beach with catch 202301 FL 383A1751 copy