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These are pictures of some of our favorite people who happen to be birds. We feed them and try to mimic their calls. We take their pictures and hang them on our walls. (I just made a rhyme.)

Warmest Regards,
18 at DuskAlaskan Eagle in Flight at SunsetAmerican White Ibis at SunsetAmerican Wigeonamericn wigeon 20130531 cn DSC_2035Angry Birdsanhinga Charl SC 2023 _DSC5710 copyArizona BirdsArizona FinchBaby Birds and Bible VerseBaby Oriolesbaby owls in tree 20210510 _DSC2246Baby SparrowsBad Hair DayBald Eaglebald eagle 202208 _DSC2703 copyBald Eagle and MountainTopBald Eagle at SundownBald Eagle at Sunsetbald eagle immat landing 20170629 _DSC4858