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bicycle path in autumn _DSC8196 copygarden walk  _DSC5028 copytrail pumpvine 202108 _DSC3707 copycountry road 20210822 _DSC8349 copylone tree on dirt road 20210606 _DSC7992 copyroad rual landscape 20200815 _DSC6584bicycles on trail 20130911 DSC_7767arbor 202006 _DSC0357cn rockies w road 20130528 _DSC1715road stripe clouds 20200104 DSC_1677road clouds sun 20200104 DSC_1669road sap trees 20200313 _DSC4482path in rain forest 20190918 _DSC5892path rain forest 20190918 _DSC5898 rg_stPath to the Tall GrassPath to the BeachAspen RoadCountry Road Framed by Covered Bridge Enterancefat lady squeeze Hocking H OH 20180502 _DSC4218highway nm 20180210 _DSC9087