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Abandon Amish Schoolhouse, Holmes, CoAbandon Building in Alaskan MountainsAbandon Building New MexicoAbandon Churchabandon church 20210623 _DSC8101Abandon HouseAbandon Mine AlaskaAbandon Mining Building AlaskaAbandon Rural ChurchAbandon Schoolabandon school and horsesDSC_2583Abandon School HouseAbandon School, BWabandon store 20190924 _DSC5064Amish House after the Stormbrick wall showing previous bld 2023 383A4552 copyBridgeton Mill and Bridge 202109 _DSC6269 copybuilding 20170716 DSC_7042building abandon el dorado 202101 AZ _DSC8530 copyBuilding at the Foot of the Mountains