20100123amish laundry, winter_DSC8763 cropped brightenedAmish Afternoon as Photoamish clothes line 20090731 _DSC9781amish dresses on laundry day 20180108 _DSC2262Amish GirlsAmish House on Laundry DayQuilts on The LineOctober in AmishvilleClothes on the Line near ShipshewanaOn the LineAmish Clothes Lineclothes on the line in winter 20171203 _DSC8046clothes on the line, corn in the field 20170327 _DSC2538clothes on the porch 20170526 _DSC3447clothesline and windmill 202105 _DSC1832Laundry on the Front Porchdress out to dry 20140614_DSC7826 reupDresses Out to Dry (No Clouds)Amish On LineLaundry in Winter