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This gallery is of patterns which can be used as textures or backgrounds in photography work, or used by themselves.
I love to find textures in nature. In this gallery you will see mud, tree bark, weathered wood and other interesting subjects.

Also see the gallery / folder "abstract"

Warmest Regards,
light panel neon  202208 _DSC2995 copy 2glass on light table 202208 _DSC2991 copyspoon mind bend 202208 _DSC2979 15x8normal 20220816 copymonkeypox _DSC1618 number 2 copymonkeypox _DSC1618 copymonkeypox 1.1 copykangroo pox copykangroo pox copycovid 19 abstract yellowDSC1618 copyabstract yellow 2_DSC1618 copy 2abstract feather 202208  copyabstract electric poles w bottom blue ligt 20220722 _DSC2273 copy 2abstract blue _DSC1618abstract blue and yellow _DSC1618 copyabstract blue and yellow monkeypox  _DSC1618 stkabstract biopolar 20220722 _DSC2273 copywaves on rocks 202207 _DSC1685 copywaves on rocks 202207 _DSC1746 copywater and rocks 202207 _DSC1688 copy