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moon 202011 _DSC1401moon and grass 202009 _DSC1103boat at night w full moon 202008 _DSC6918moon and clouds 202001006 DSC_2232moon reflected in water at night _DSC7284 rg_stmoon 201909 _DSC4424moon at dusk 20190605 _DSC3867moon on lake 20190605 _DSC3875Crescent MoonElipseLunar Eclipse January 2019Lunar Eclipse January 2019Moon on Hazy NightFull Moon over LakeFull MoonFull Moon in the Treesmoon over lake mead NV 20180128 _DSC3275moon 20180127 _DSC8971moon in trees reflected in lake shipshe 20171201 _DSC1528moon 20171201 _DSC1482