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camping chairs at sunrise 202102 _DSC7853adarondach chair and mountain lake 10190918 _DSC6016chairs in green 20190531 _DSC4030Chairs on the Beach at Sunsetchair at lake 20180306 _DSC9174chair at lake in winter w deer 20180106_DSC2222chair in amish house 20171230 _DSC2081adirondack chair in snow 20171209 _DSC1774chair at lake fall day 20171102 _DSC0789chair at lake fall day 20171102 _DSC0789chair at lake morning 20170831 _DSC9373 copy copyafter dark on the lake 20170809 _DSC6911swing in daisies DSC_7454sunburst seat in morning light 20170804 _DSC8749chair at shipshe lake 20170603 _DSC3699swing in daisies w bridge D300 DSC_7456chair at sunset 20170601 _DSC5525chair at edge of lake 20170527 _DSC5335Bench Swing in the Daisieschair at lake shipshe 20170501 _DSC4381