Arment Photography | Rentown 2017

Rentown Old Fashion Farm Days is a yearly event to raise money for a local Amish School. It is lots of fun! Steam engines, horses, old tractors, food, popcorn, whips, camel rides, train rides, food, popcorn, vendors of everything kind of thing-a-ma-jig, food, popcorn, etc.
blacksmith fire after dark 20170908 _DSC9928horse waiting 20170908 _DSC9912sunbeams at dusk 20170908 _DSC9883steam engine sparks 20170908 _DSC9977pelt dealer 20170908 _DSC9878pumpkins 20170908 _DSC9877squash 20170908 _DSC9875steam engine sparks 20170908 _DSC9962dog rides on pony 20170908 _DSC9922camel 20170908 _DSC9821apples by donation 20170908 _DSC9841amish kids in wagon w balloon 20170908 _DSC9798amish boys w balloons 20170908 _DSC9779advance steam engine 20170908 _DSC9810woodworking scroll saw 20170908 _DSC9829woodwork scroll saw 20170908 _DSC9828weavers loom 20170908 _DSC9759 25mbwatching the show on steam engine 20170908 _DSC9760tug o war horses vs children 20170908 _DSC9842tug o war horse vs children 20170908 _DSC9845