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Sunset over water.

©David L Arment
dock in the lake 20211221 _DSC6828 copysunset lake _DSC5077 copysusnet lake _DSC2728 copysunset lake vertical _DSC5240 copysunset broken dock _DSC2940 copysun on horizon at sunset _DSC2768 copysunset lake _DSC5225 copysunset lake road trees _DSC3433 copysunset lake vertical 20190513 _DSC3470 copysunset lake broken dock 20190513 _DSC3458 copysunset at spillway 2019 _DSC3439 copysunset cattalils lake 20190513 _DSC3465 copysunset gulf 20170119 _DSC9870 rev copyswans clouds lake 20211008 _DSC6492 copysunset lake 202103 _DSC0942 copyclouds and water at spillway 20211008 _DSC6511 copyclouds and quiet water 202110 _DSC6519  copyFisherman at SunsetFisherman at Sunsetpaddler at sunset 2021 _DSC9495