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Sunset over water.

©David L Arment
sunset travers bay 202107 _DSC3648 copyswan on lake at sunset 20210606 _DSC2980 copylate afternoon lake michigan, smoke from western forest fires 202107 _DSC3608bow at sunset 202107 _DSC3668sunset lake 202107 _DSC8251 copysunset lake winter _DSC3512 copysunset abstract _DSC3550 copysunset lake 20210623 _DSC8115 copysunset lake 20210623 _DSC8132twilight at the lake 202106 _DSC7976sunset lake michigan _DSC7349sunset lake 202105 _DSC7974dusk lake 202105 _DSC7954dusk lake 202105 _DSC2902 copysunup at the lake 20210510 _DSC7968 stk copysunset lake 201705 _DSC4640sunset lake dock 2021 _DSC0952sunset lake 201705 _DSC4911sunset broken pier 201705 _DSC4643ocean sunset _DSC0073