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Sunset over water.

©David L Arment
sunset lake 201705 _DSC4640sunset lake dock 2021 _DSC0952sunset lake 201705 _DSC4911sunset broken pier 201705 _DSC4643ocean sunset _DSC0073sunset over ocean bay  2021_DSC1775sunset over the lake in winter 2021 _DSC2344sunset ocean 202101 _DSC8842sunset ice lae 2021 _DSC2371sun in fog at sunset 2021 _DSC1882sunset on frozen lake 20210223 _DSC0707sunrise over lake at shoal creek ga 202102 _DSC7832sunset and fog 20210129 _DSC1884night at lake w heron in silhouette _DSC9884sunset over ocean _DSC0116sunset spillway _DSC2745Ocean sunset sunbeams _DSC9776ocean sunset _DSC9853 copyocean sunset _DSC9814sunset lake summer _DSC0758