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mom and colt in field 202108_DSC4021horses at sunup 20210829 _DSC4051 copyhorse early morning 20210815 _DSC8329 copyhorses in moring light and dew 202108 _DSC8345 copyhorses and cows in pature 202108 _DSC4111 copyhorses tied to fence 20200223 _DSC9264horses in field 20210620 _DSC8098 copyhorses morning 20210620 _DSC8094 copypony colt and mom 202106 _DSC3160horse morning 20210613 _DSC3268 copyhorses in field with clouds and sunbeams 202106 _DSC7995 copytwo horses 20210606 _DSC3254 copyhorses in field 20210606 _DSC3190colt 202105 _DSC1736 copyhorses two on ridge 202104 _DSC7858horses in field 202104 _DSC2890donkey 20210401 _DSC0868white horse in southwest _DSC3550amish horse and farm 2014 _DSC0887horses on the ridge 202011 _DSC8297