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white horse in southwest _DSC3550amish horse and farm 2014 _DSC0887horses on the ridge 202011 _DSC8297horse in pasture at sunrise _DSC0883work horse team in corn field _DSC1292 20201021horse on horizon 20201022 _DSC1245 copyamish horses and corn picker 20201021 _DSC1310horses in fog 20200920 _DSC1161horses at sunset 20200920 _DSC7500horse and tree early morning 202009 _DSC7581horses early morning 20200816 _DSC6589horses and bus DSC_7047mare and foal spring grass _DSC2946horses at daybreak 20180926 _DSC0821pony foal scratching 20140926 _DSC0785horse in pasture fog 20140926 _DSC0835horse in pasture at sunrise w fog 20140926 _DSC0837horse in field morning 20140926 _DSC0834foal belgian 20200420 _DSC4929belgian and foal 20200420 _DSC4931