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horses in pasture in morn 2021 _DSC3289 copyhorses in field morning 202106 _DSC8092 copycolt finds toy 2021 _DSC3127 copyhorse in field 202206 _DSC0820 copyfoal running 202205 _DSC5718 copywork horses resting 20220511 _DSC0221 copyrunning foal 202205 _DSC0055 copypony cart 202205 _DSC0213 copycolt in front of logs 20220507 _DSC0030 copypony amish 20220427 _DSC5512 copymom and baby pony 20220427 _DSC9973 copymom and baby ponies 20220430 _DSC9986 copymom and baby horse in pasture 20220430 _DSC0002 copyhorse at fence 2018 _DSC6492 copynot a mule 201806 _DSC0538 copyhorses HPD 201806 _DSC5606 copyamish hats corn horses 201806 _DSC0490 copyAmish farmer demo planter 201806 _DSC5601 copyhorse at fence in winter 202112 _DSC6901 copyhorse and sunbeams 20210922 _DSC3853 copy