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12 team hitch horese progress normal 20160702_DSC0488Amish Boy in the Field near ShipshewanaAmish farmer demo planter 201806 _DSC5601 copyamish hats corn horses 201806 _DSC0490 copyAmish Horseamish horse and farm 2014 _DSC0887Amish horse tied to rail 2015 _DSC7398 copy 2Amish Horse Tilling FieldAmish Horse Waitingamish horses and corn picker 20201021 _DSC1310amish horses at the hitching rail 20220909 _83A0056 copyAmish Horses in the FieldAmish Work Horse at DuskAmish Work Horse at dusk 201409 _DSC0562 revised 45x30Amish Work Horse, Later AfternoonAmish Work Horses in WinterAmish Work Horses on Canvas TextureAmish Work Horses PlowingAmish Work Horses Taking a BreakAmos and Andy