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suntise lake vertical _DSC7970 psalm 19_1 copyamish buggy small sunrise 20210829 _DSC4081 copySteam Engine Sparks at Reminiscence Dayslone tree on dirt road 20210606 _DSC7992 copyamish buggy sunrise 20210822 _DSC3825 copydead saguaro sunset 022201 _DSC4627 copyThe Alamoamish couple walking to churcu 20210613 _DSC3065 copyAB pass at dawn 20170219 _DSC2457grave faribanks az 20220116 _DSC8101 copyhorse in fog moving 20170219 _DSC2281grizzly male 20170625 _DSC4489amish buggies crossroads 20200726 _DSC0772The Rushsunset at broken dock 20170511 _DSC4647Amish Buggy in the Fog, Small Buggy, Orginal FileWindmill in TreeArches National Park Landscapesun in tree 20200926_DSC1201 copysunset gulf 20170119 _DSC9832