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These are my current favorite images. I've attempted to present a wide range of images, not just local Indiana images. The range of locations is Florida to Alaska, California to the East Coast.
I hope you enjoy the images.

Warmest Regards,
amish buggy sunbeams 20200816 _DSC6560Steam Engine Sparks at Reminiscence DaysAB pass at dawn 20170219 _DSC2457horse in fog moving 20170219 _DSC2281amish buggies crossroads 20200726 _DSC0772sunset at broken dock 20170511 _DSC4647Amish Buggy in the Fog, Small Buggy, Orginal FileWindmill in TreeArches National Park Landscapesun in tree 20200926_DSC1201 copyGulf Sunsetbig sable lighthouse 20190813 _DSC5095Steam Engine Plowing at Duskgrizzly male 20170625 _DSC4489statue circle of sacred smoke 201909 _DSC5894Battle Weary EagleUpper Meadow, Mirror Lake, YosemiteI Will Give You RestThe Family and The Steam EngineDelicate Arch