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Pam and I travel and we love the mountains. These are pictures of the mountains we took some time to photograph along the way. We hope you enjoy them.

Warmest Regards,
lake louise Canada 201305 _DSC1616chateau lake louise 201305 _DSC1625mat su area mountain AK 20170708 _DSC5624 brocky mountains GNP _DSC1387 copyglacier natl park, two medicines _DSC5946zion landscape 2016 _DSC6091rock formation nevada _DSC4428 25mbsunset mt redoubt AK DSC_5235snow capped mountains _DSC5933ice fields _DSC5894delicate arch _DSC3987 stk regarches nt prk, windows from balc rk _DSC7230aspens _DSC8122rockies cn 20130528 _DSC1662cn rockies 20130528 _DSC1667rocky mountains waterton, cn 20130527 _DSC1559rocky mountains from waterton cn 20130527 _DSC1443cn rockies w road 20130528 _DSC1715canadian rockies with waterfall 20140527 _DSC1488desert trail 20200109 _DSC8269