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cattails in lowlands in winter 20221117 383A1234 copyleaves in the snow 2009 DSC_3360 copythorns and ice 20220225 _DSC9755 copyice on limb 20220225 _DSC9748 copyfrost on iron fence _DSC6920 copyfrozen spider web 202112 _DSC6914 copywinter landscape _DSC1739hoarfrost 20140203 _DSC1741hoarfrost 20140203 _DSC1743ice formations on log in winter _DSC0371leaves in ice 20081229 _DSC1857leaf in ice 20081229 _DSC1853Broken Dock in the Snowsunset winter w fishermen 20180214 _DSC3470shipshe lake 20170316 G0010055Laundry in WinterClothesline in WinterWater on Ice at Shipshewana LakeWeeds in the SnowWindmill in Tree