Pictures processed and uploaded June 27, 2022.
abstract gold and silver ice _DSC6136 copyAmish Buggy and Autumn Corn 201110 _DSC6065 copyamish buggy and couple Sunday Morn 2021 _DSC3068 copyamish buggy gravel road 2021 _DSC3091 copyAmish buggy gravel road 2021 _DSC8076 copyamish buggy morn 2021 _DSC8204 copyamish buggy morn 202106 _DSC8211 copy 2birdbath in fall 201110 _DSC6074 copybuggies two gravel road 2021 _DSC3078 copybuggy and white barn 2021_DSC3074 copycolt finds toy 2021 _DSC3127 copyeggs and hens sign 2021 _DSC3273 copyflag barn  20110119 _DSC9332 copygate and yellow flowers  20110806_DSC4583 1 john 4-12 copyhorses in field morning 202106 _DSC8092 copyhorses in pasture in morn 2021 _DSC3289 copyjesus praying stain glass effects 2011 _DSC6083 copylantern stained glass _DSC6107 copylog cabin winter drp 2022 _DSC9830 copypet wood 2009 _DSC3442 copy