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love birds ballon 20161007 _DSC8709 conpositethree baloons 20200122 DSC_3112hot air ballon over sandia mountains NM _DSC6676ballon in pheonix sky 20180127 _DSC8947balloon box 20170908 _DSC9685ballon mans box 20170908 _DSC9683balloon box 20170908 _DSC9685kite komotion shipshe 20170429 _DSC4288kites shipshe 20170429 _DSC3139Love Bird BalloonBallon at Daybreak at Sandia MountainsFire in the SkyRed, Black and BlueBalloons in the CloudsBalloon OverheadHot Air Balloon and Sandia Mountain SunriseFire in the BalloonKiteBalloon and Mountian in New Mexico