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Pam and I have taken two trips to Alaska 2013 and 2017.

Our plans for 2022 were postponed because of Covid and restrictions on travel by Canada.

Maybe next year?

Warmest Regards,
Alaskan Rocky Mountain RangeAlaskan Eagle in Flight at SunsetAlaskan Rockies near Ninilchik Alaksaathabasca falls alberta CN 20170613 _DSC6720bald eagle immat landing 20170629 _DSC4858bald eagle ninilchick 20170629 _DSC5049bald eagle ninilchick 20170629 _DSC5050barn N Dakota 20170607 _DSC5730Grizzly and  Mt McKinleyGrizzly SleepingBlack Bearbear cubs at play 20170625 _DSC4479Grizzly Bear Diggingbear glacier near stewart BC CN 20170615 _DSC4051Alaskan GrizzlyDenali National Park BearGrizzly Bear Alongside the Road Denali National ParkGrizzlyWhen Bears DreamAlaskan Eagle in Flight