Arment Photography | Alaska 2013

Pam and I took a "bucket list" trip to Alaska in 2013. We loved it. We had a big adventure. "Big Adventures" include getting sick, getting "home sick", getting windshield chips, replacing four tires, getting stranded for mechanical reasons on the side of a mountain, seeing swarms of mosquitoes who have been trained by Al Quaida to attack.

But as you can see... we had a good time.

Warmest Regards,

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Alaskan Rocky Mountain RangeAlaskan Eagle in Flight at SunsetAlaskan Rockies near Ninilchik AlaksaGrizzly and  Mt McKinleyGrizzly SleepingBlack BearGrizzly Bear DiggingAlaskan GrizzlyDenali National Park BearGrizzly Bear Alongside the Road Denali National ParkGrizzlyWhen Bears DreamAlaskan Eagle in FlightImmature Bald Eagles in FlightImmature Bald Eagle in FlightBald EagleBald Eagle at DuskBattle Weary EagleBald Eagle Ninilchik AlaskaBald Eagle in the Bolders, Alasak