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Amish Buggies
Amish buggy and tall corn 202107 _DSC3513 copybuggies 20210627 _DSC3147amish buggy wet pavement 202106 _DSC8225amish buggy in snow 20170106  _DSC0986 copyamish buggy on rural indiana hill 202106 _DSC3120Open buggy 20200601 _DSC5541two buggies 20210627 _DSC3124amish buggy morning 20210627 _DSC8189amish buggies gravel road 20210627 _DSC3131amish buggies parked red barn 20210627 _DSC3323amish buggy and colt 20210627 _DSC8198amish buggy and clouds in morning 20210627 _DSC8184amish buggy morning 20210627 _DSC8152Amish Buggy and covered Bridge PQ _DSC0465AB gravel road 20190316 _DSC2698 copy 2Amish Buggy Red Barn _DSC9767 copyamish buggy after dark near lake 2018_DSC5801 copy 2AB at sunset 20190624 _DSC4568 copybuggies waiting 202105 _DSC3070buggy early morning gravel road 20210613 _DSC8070 copy