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Petroblyph, Old Man and CaneBandelier National Monumnet WinterBandelier National MonumentLadder at Bandelier National Monumentcanyon de chile_DSC3978.jpgCliff Palace at Mesa Verde National ParkCliff Palace at Mesa Verde National Parkface on totem pole 20170615 _DSC6857Spruce Tree House at Mesa VerdeSpruce House at Mese Verdeindian ruins, montazumas well_DSC3350.jpgindian ruins, white house_DSC4252.jpgkorean bell totem pole 20180130 _DSC3382Long House at Mesa Verde National ParkLong House, Mesae Verde National ParkNew Mexico Missionmontazumas well_DSC3769.jpgmontezumas castle 20220204 _DSC9331 copyOak Tree House, Mesa VerdePalatki indian ruins_DSC3006.jpg