AI generated art is controversial. It is very big and getting bigger very quickly.

Artists are not organized and are not a strong political force. Those pushing AI are organized and are likely to "win the day" because of the money being poured into this.

So maybe it is a good idea to at least know a little about it and "play around with it some"?
keyboard abstract with treble clef copycoffee hot copyworld in hands copyhouse at night copyguitar and road copyviolin  copytree shaped as heart copysheep by stream copyjellyfish copyhouse night starry sky copyhot drink copyguitar electric  copybutterfly paper on flowers copyBuck big Rack copytreble clef copyplow in field 202304 383A4881 copykaleidoscope eye copy 2guitar and moons in desert copyguitar and cowboy hat  copyfrozen heart city street 4 copy