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This gallery is Rural Landscapes.
Other galleries may have landscapes also. For example "Signs", obviously has signs, but many are also rural landscapes. The same is true of some of the images in "buildings barns". So look around a bit!

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corn picker horse drawn in cornfield 201811 _DSC8206farm landscape sunrise 2014 _DSC0886amish horse and farm 2014 _DSC0887horses on the ridge 202011 _DSC8297farm landscape winter 202011 _DSC1505farm landscape morning 201409 _DSC0864farm landscape morning 2-14-9 _DSC0865horse in pasture at sunrise _DSC0883corn harvest 20201107 _DSC1449water drop on fence with spider web 202010 _DSC7544river landscape autumn 202009 _DSC7519amish buggy cows and corn 202010 24 _DSC1271amish buggy and corn 20201024 _DSC1342river landscape 20201014 _DSC7536amish horses and corn picker 20201021 _DSC1310soy beans 202010 _DSC7658river fog 20201014 _DSC7528rural landscape clouds 202007 _DSC6290rural landscape 202007 _DSC6288corn picker dawn 20201014 _DSC8178