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This gallery is Rural Landscapes.
Other galleries may have landscapes also. For example "Signs", obviously has signs, but many are also rural landscapes. The same is true of some of the images in "buildings barns". So look around a bit!

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Corn field at harvest 202212 _DSC3699 copycorn field and schocks 20221201 383A1335 copycorn field amsih farm 202212 383A1337 copygrain wagon in corn field 202211 383A1286 copybig tree white bark and buggies 20221106 _DSC6387 copycreek and tree 20221104 383A1090 copy 2corn field at daybreak 20221030 383A0958 copybarn and cow 202210 _83A0852 copyamish kids walking and fall tree 202210 _83A0864 copyamish driveway and barn 202210 383A0892 copycorn field summer _DSC3468 copycrab apples in wheel barrow 202210 _83A0579 copyirrigation in soybeam field 202209 _DSC3271 copybroken tree in barnyard 202209 _83A0250 copythresher waiting 20220909 _83A0137 copyhay for sale 20220909 _83A0076 copylandscape rural sunbeams 202208 _DSC3080 copyfarm lot windmill 20220828 _DSC3136 copyhorses at sunrise on ridge 20220828 _DSC3078 copyrural landscape sunrise 20220828 _DSC3085 copy