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This gallery is Rural Landscapes.
Other galleries may have landscapes also. For example "Signs", obviously has signs, but many are also rural landscapes. The same is true of some of the images in "buildings barns". So look around a bit!

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tire swing and picket fence 202109 _DSC6471 copysteps carved in rock 202109 _DSC5874 copylady scare crow 202110_DSC6475 copycows under tree 202109 _DSC6139 copycorn field and sun 202109 _DSC5685 copysquash for sale 202109 _DSC5667 copyproduce on farm table 202109 _DSC5589 copyhorse tree fence clouds 202109 _DSC5691 copylandscape horses 202109 _DSC5695 copycows at sunset vertical 202109 _DSC5651 copycorn picker for sale _DSC5645 copyoreo cows 202109 _DSC4212 copyrural landscape morning 202109 _DSC5630 copyhay rake early morning 202109 _DSC5642 copyhorses at sunrise 202108 _DSC4049 copyhorses at sunup 20210829 _DSC4051 copycows rural landscape 202108 _DSC3806 copyrural landmark horses 20210822 _DSC3816 copysheep in morning light 202108 _DSC3701 no verse copyhorses in moring light and dew 202108 _DSC8345 copy