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This gallery is Rural Landscapes.
Other galleries may have landscapes also. For example "Signs", obviously has signs, but many are also rural landscapes. The same is true of some of the images in "buildings barns". So look around a bit!

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Graveyard indiana frosty morn 202112 _DSC6911 copywreath frosty morn revis 2 _DSC8867 copysilo at sunrise _DSC0900 copysunrise and frozen fog 20090122 DSC_2627 copyred star barn and cow _DSC0329 copyred tractor in snow 20090122 DSC_2628 copyroad on farm 20211120 _DSC6820 copyred barn in winter at sunrise DSC_2619 copyhorse in fog sunrise _DSC0830 copycorn schocks cloudy day 202111 _DSC6817 copyhorse grazing 202111 _DSC6755 copyhorses grazing and clouds 202111 _DSC6757 copyfall tree 202111 _DSC4458 copyfarm field corn 20211031 _DSC6752 copysurise and grass 20211008 _DSC6486 copysunrise on field under water 20211031 _DSC6750 copyclouds over water 202110 _DSC6538 copyclouds lake broken pier 2021 _DSC6525 copytire swing and picket fence 202109 _DSC6471 copysteps carved in rock 202109 _DSC5874 copy