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Clouds in the Sky
clouds _DSC5242 copyclouds _DSC2942 copylake autumn 20191030 _DSC6775 copyclouds 201907 _DSC4051 copywindmill in clouds 202111 _DSC4459 copyclouds over the lake 20210706 _DSC8265 copyclouds 202109 _DSC4288 copyclouds over lake 20171102 _DSC0766 copyclouds 20210610 _DSC8045sky and new leaves 202104 _DSC2727person in the clouds _DSC3513rainclouds _DSC4279cloud at sunset 202102 _DSC1941clouds at sunset _DSC2721sun in the clouds _DSC9154gull in clouds _DSC9779sunset lake _DSC8250clouds waves sunset 202009 _DSC7381night lake 20200805_DSC6392clouds and sunbeams 20200726 _DSC6278