Arment Photography | Animals

We love animals. Pam has become a reader. Her books are about animals. Some are written from the point of view of an animal. In the evenings I will get involved with my photos (that is what I do) and she reads. She will often just spontaneously start reading a section "out loud". She doesn't seem to realize that without the context of the preceding 200 pages hearing a discussion about a tit mouse loosing its life doesn't make much sense. But she enjoys reading, so I listen and pretend to understand.

Warmest Regards,
donkey team cultivator 20180629 _DSC0536donkey at Amish Farm 20180411_DSC9289grizzly bear 20170616 _DSC4275buffalo on mountain _DSC3789tomato worm 20170920 _DSC0147pelt dealer 20170908 _DSC9878dog rides on pony 20170908 _DSC9922bear skin rug 20170908 _DSC9689llama 20170908 _DSC9672grizzly and one cub 20170714 _DSC6404moose and babies 20170624 _DSC7237moose in water near chitna ak 20170706 _DSC5768moose eating 20170708 _DSC5787dog drives rv 20170711 _DSC7951caribou at crest of hill 20170625 _DSC4391black bear scratching 20170716 _DSC8175grizzly bear 20170626 _DSC4239black bear 20170628 _DSC4183male grizzly 20170625 _DSC4547moose in flowers 20170626 _DSC4633