Welcome! This is the Amish Gallery of armentphoto.com. The pictures are the result of the efforts of David and Pam Arment who live in Shipshewana, Indiana. We enjoy living here a great deal and getting to know the Amish.

Our efforts are not necessary to inform or educate, but to find beauty in the way of life we see around us.

Warmest Regards,
Amish Work Horses Indiana 20180423 _DSC9342Amish Farmer Plowing Indiana 20180423 _DSC9360horses plowing 20180413 _DSC9298Amish Girls on Bikes DSC_7771 20130910Amish Farmer 20180411 _DSC9237amish in boat 20160708 _DSC2658 revisedclothes on the line in winter 20171203 _DSC8046amish dresses on laundry day 20180108 _DSC2262Amish Kids going to school 20180104 _DSC8715amish man bicycle on pumpkinvine 20171019 G0031000amish three in boat fishing 20170603 _DSC3702amish kids in wagon w balloon 20170908 _DSC9798amish boys w balloons 20170908 _DSC9779weavers loom 20170908 _DSC9759 25mbwatching the show on steam engine 20170908 _DSC9760tug o war horse vs children 20170908 _DSC9845doubt in the crowd 20170908 _DSC9765amish silhouette on steam engine 20170908 _DSC9774amish kids and tractor 20170908 _DSC9793feeding thresher 20170908 _DSC9704