Welcome! This is the Amish Gallery of armentphoto.com. The pictures are the result of the efforts of David and Pam Arment who live in Shipshewana, Indiana. We enjoy living here a great deal and getting to know the Amish.

Our efforts are not necessary to inform or educate, but to find beauty in the way of life we see around us.

If you have difficulty ordering please email me or call me and we take care of your needs. My email is hurrymailtodave@gmail.com and the phone is 260-336-8527.

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metal sled 20170908 _DSC9718amish ladies 20170908 _DSC9687amish boys and balloons 201708908 _DSC9678amish girl on wheel 20170908 _DSC9762Amish house with quilts on the line 20140919 _DSC0761 25mbamish man disking in filed 20170601 _DSC3495amish ladies fix tire 20170812 _DSC8969amish man walks horese home 20170802 _DSC6676amish ladies walk on pumpkinvine 20170807 _DSC8809amish bicycle the pumpkinvine 20170804 _DSC6794Amish man cutting hay 20170603 _DSC3740clothes on the porch 20170526 _DSC3447amish farmer 20170518 _DSC3406 25mbamish boy disking 20170519 _DSC3423amish farmer plowing 20170517 _DSC3410amish boy flies kite 20170429 _DSC3172boy disking 20170412 _DSC2605amish lady disking 20170419 _DSC2838two amish plowing 20170412_DSC2663Am Fam riding bikes 20170415 _DSC2700