These are pictures of some of our favorite people who happen to be birds. We feed them and try to mimic their calls. We take their pictures and hang them on our walls. (I just made a rhyme.)

Warmest Regards,
woodpecker and windmill 20090124 DSC_2853sparrow in winter 20100129 _DSC8745On top of the houseMale Cardinal in Winterheron 20170603 _DSC3724mountain sandpiper 20170709 _DSC5819eagle ninilchick 20170629 _DSC5116eagle in tree ninilchick 20170629 _DSC4737bald eagle ninilchick 20170629 _DSC5050golden crown sparrow full frame 20170628 _DSC5307 copygolden crown sparrow 20170629 _DSC5307eagle in fligth ninilchick 20170629 _DSC5048bald eagle ninilchick 20170629 _DSC5049bald eagle immat landing 20170629 _DSC4858warbler yellow 20170615 _DSC4074eggs kill deer 20170520 _DSC3430swan and babies 20170516 _DSC3356stellers jay new mexico 20150121 _DSC3630pelican 20160131 _DSC3092swan 20170429 _DSC3036