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steam engine sparks 20170908 _DSC9977steam engine sparks 20170908 _DSC9962amish kids in wagon w balloon 20170908 _DSC9798advance steam engine 20170908 _DSC9810watching the show on steam engine 20170908 _DSC9760steam egine bull dog 20170908 _DSC9771john deere tractors 20170908 _DSC9761steam engine at dusk 20170908 _DSC9776sign tractor parking 20170908 _DSC9695pickup blue 20170908 _DSC9694steam engine and amish 20170908 _DSC9698steam engine at dusk 20170908 _DSC9901steam engine threshing 20170908 _DSC9708threshing machine and steam engine 20170908 _DSC9738steam engine sparks rentwon 20170908 _DSC9957steam engine and belt 20170908 _DSC9668mack truck Alaska Hope, Color 20170628 _DSC7378mack truck Alaska Hope, BW 20170628 _DSC7378truck yellow 20170706 _DSC7827pickup carcross yukon, CN 20170711 _DSC7918