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nightfall at lake 20170831 _DSC9570sunset on lake 20170829 _DSC9246 copy copysunset over lake 20170829 _DSC9270sundown at the dock 20170809 _DSC6965sunset at water level 20170809 _DSC6986end of day 20170809 _DSC7018solar eclipse 3 20170821 _DSC9100nightfall at lake 20170814 _DSC7194solar eclipse 20170821 _DSC9106solar eclipse 20170821 _DSC9105nightfall at the lake 20170809 _DSC7038lake spillway at sunset 20170802 _DSC8544sunset at the lake 20170803 _DSC8656night at the lake 20170802 _DSC8592sun through BC wildfire smoke 20170716 _DSC6494sun and smoke BC wildfires 20170716 _DSC6489storm 20170609 _DSC5849sunrise 20170801 _DSC8518oil well burn off fires and stars at night ND 20170607 _DSC5777purden lake BC CN 20170615 _DSC6820