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In a recent meeting the leader asked us to ponder the question, “What would you NOT like said about you?”


How would you answer that question? I know a someone who is nearing the end of life. As I think of what could be said about them, being brutally honest, I would say, “They had a great deal of potential, but they wasted it.” Or to say the same thing another way, “They wasted their life.”


What an ugly thought.


The book of Acts in the Bible are accounts for how the Christian church grew after Jesus died. One of the stories is of a man named Simon. You can go and read the story for yourself but my version of it is that Simon did magic tricks. Maybe he was the best of the day! People would listen to him as he did his tricks and he was regionally well known. He called himself famous.


Then Jesus’ followers came to town. They healed people and did other miracles. Simon was very impressed and followed them around. One day Jesus’ followers “rocked his world”. They did something so amazing he was astounded. He knew he could NEVER do this. He offered them money in order to obtain this ability.


Simon didn’t understand the difference between human effort and God’s touch. It is the difference between the illusion of pulling a rabbit out of a hat and healing a blind man. In the first instance people go home amazed in the second a person goes home whole.


When Simon died (assuming he didn’t change from the man in the story) I can imagine that at his funeral people said, “So much potential, but in the end, what a waste. He wasted his life.”


And so here am I. A guy who takes pretty pictures. At the end of the day how do people get impacted by them? Apart from God they are simply pretty pictures. I pray that, somehow, God will get involved with these images and help them reveal Him. And I pray that unlike Simon I can put myself aside and look for God in the sky and in the water. That he shows me the waterfall or the mountain with eyes that see Him.

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Pam and David

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Hi David,

Thanks for keeping your shop open a few minutes late on Saturday while I was browsing. Wish I had had more time to browse. Your photographs are wonderful and I hope to come back if I am ever up that way again. bit plan to become a paying customer soon.
7.Arment Photography
Thank you Sue for your purchase yesterday and your kind comments today.
I was in your shop yesterday and was amazed at your photography! I purchased a small print and will be back next time I'm back in Shipshewana!!
5.Ben Hazen(non-registered)
Beautiful and inspiring pictures. Thank you for sharing them.
4.Lisabel Filiatrault(non-registered)
Your work is truly amazing! I will do my best to help you promote it. People deserve to see this!
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